Did you know ?

Your life is @Risk & you probably do not know. Software is routinely deployed without the % probability of defects residing undiscovered being quantified. This means that organisations & governments all of the world are using Software of unknown failure probability. This also means that the avionics Software on the aircraft in which you fly, is of unknown failure expectation. How does it make you feel to realise that this Software, may have 0.00001% probability of failing, or 27.23%; nobody knows because the question is never addressed.

In stark contradiction, the failure probability of all the mechanical components within the same aircraft are very well known. In fact, an aircraft would not receive certification to fly without this knowledge. Isn't that interesting ? .... So what is the answer ? .... Testimation Technology

Cyber-Security Confidence

Testimation uses hard science to measure your Cyber-Security Service Provider. If your provided service is not being measured, how confident can you be in it? How can you compare them to an alternative service in the absence of measurement ?

Penetration Protection

Make measurement of your Cyber-Security Service Vendors, part of your Cyber-Security Strategy. In the absence of a Universal measurement expressed as a percentage Confidence value, no basis for improvement can meaningfully exist. Testimation Technology acts as a Cyber-Risk Thermometer so that you can understand the residual probability of penetration by Hackers. It also allows you to objectively compare the services provided between vendors, & your Penetration-Resilience across organizations & industries.


Testimation Technology can be utilized to calculate Cyber-Insurance fees, in a fair & objective manner. A Cyber-Insurer can then use the assessment to determine if payout claims are valid.


Is YOUR Bank measuring the Quality of its Software Applications; or do they just imagine that they are ?

QA Out-Sourcing

Testimation Technology allows you to measure the level of Quality Assurance being delivered by your service provider.

Contract Specifications

ITestimation Technology can be applied in legal contexts to assist in defining contractual quality obligations, or as a platform "for or against" litigation.